As with businesses in most climates, mold can turn into one big headache. Because all it needs is a small moisture problem to thrive, black mold in particular can become a subtle nuisance in commercial buildings both old and new. There are many different species, and it can grow on various surfaces, but mold generally has one aspect in common: it needs to go. Below are three mold cleanup tips that can help you tackle the problem and get back to your life.

1. Keep Humidity Below 45 Percent Indoors

Damp rooms—especially bathrooms—can provide the perfect setting for black mold. After all, mold requires water to grow. To best address this issue, be aware of humidity levels in your building’s bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and storage rooms. Contrary to what you may think, turning off HVAC systems and fans can help expunge the growth by keeping mold spores from spreading.

2. Don’t Attempt To Solve the Issue Alone

Although many DIY cleanup remedies may seem appealing, mold can be a pesky issue. Leave the hard part to the qualified professionals, and avoid attempting to dry the entire area. If mold is visible on any surface, chances are that it could also be spreading in other, more hidden areas as well, making the whole ordeal a potentially time-consuming task that takes away from your company’s productivity.

3. Address Any Leaks in the Building as Soon as Possible

If there is one takeaway from a mold invasion, it is that where water goes and settles, mold has a chance of following. Any excess water found in faucet leaks and other water sources are susceptible for mold. Watch out for affected surfaces such as tile or carpet, which can become difficult to manage. Turn off the water to fix the problem and keep mold from getting worse.

A black mold infestation occurring in any commercial building can seem a daunting problem. However, referring to the above tips can ease the stress and address the issue, all while you maintain peace of mind that the mold should eventually say goodbye.