After a large-scale fire outbreak, commercial building owners have to contend not just with the immediate fire damage, but also with potential damages that create a compromised building. With the business’s windows and walls damaged or destroyed by fire, many owners fear further losses from rain, storms and break-ins. Fire restoration contractors often offer board-up services as part of their fire cleanup package.

Benefits of Preventative Board-Up Services

Following a disaster, many commercial building owners seek board-up services as part of restoration efforts. While this usually does not repair fire damage in itself, it offers various other benefits:

• The interior of the building is secured against rain or snow, strong winds, looting and other secondary sources of damage.
• The building’s exterior can also be protected from further cosmetic damage.
• Boarding up windows, doors and damaged walls provides temporary structural support until remodeling is finished.
• Board-up services often work with insurance providers to fit your business’s coverage.

Since restoration following massive fire damage can take a long time, boarding up a damaged building is a strong preventative option against potential damage in the meantime.

Tips for Business Owners Before and After Fire Damage

Before and during board-up and fire cleanup procedures, business owners can take steps to ensure that the work efforts move effectively and that financial concerns are addressed as painlessly as possible.

Some good ideas include being aware of your insurance policy and coverage, both as part of regular consultation with your insurance provider before disaster strikes and as soon as possible in the wake of an incident. Also, keeping documentation of your building’s structure and contents is a good idea, ideally with photos, videos and schematics as applicable. This helps both with the restoration efforts and insurance consultation.

Finally, know who to call for fire restoration. Having this information on hand prior to an event aids in swift response.